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    Namkeens & Mukhwas (68)

    Namkeen-Roasted Beetroot Chips 200 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00

    Namkeen-Roasted Moong Dal Chips 200 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00

    Namkeen-Roasted Palak Pudina Sev 250 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00

    Namkeen-Sandwich Bhakarwadi 400 gms

    ₹ 428.00₹ 451.00

    Namkeen-Bhajani Chakli 300 gms

    ₹ 379.00₹ 399.00

    Namkeen-Moong Chakli 300 gms

    ₹ 379.00₹ 399.00

    Namkeen-Diet Nachini Murukku 250 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00

    Namkeen-Diet Masala Muruku 250 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00

    Namkeen-Diet Moong Murukku 250 gms

    ₹ 333.00₹ 351.00


    Healthy Indulgence: Top Diet Namkeen Options You Can Buy Online

    Namkeen, the traditional snack of India, has changed dramatically in recent years. Now you can have the taste without worries because of some diet namkeen options available online. Here are some top choices in diet namkeen for you to indulge while still maintaining your health goals. 

    Diet Namkeen Mix: 

    Mix namkeen is a popular choice for those looking for a balanced blend of flavours and textures. The low-calorie version often contains baked or roasted ingredients instead of fried ones, thus cutting down fat content considerably. Therefore, many different kinds of mix namkeens can be found online, satisfying your taste buds and taking care of your health. 


    Namkeen Bhujia: 

    Namkeen bhujia, made traditionally from gram flour and deep-fried until it becomes crispy, has also been changed to suit health-conscious consumers. These diet forms tend to be baked or roasted versions while still retaining their crunchiness and spicy nature hence lower in fat contents. They are mostly found at various diet marketplaces on the Internet.


    Gathiya Namkeen: 

    Gathiya namkeen, known for its crunchy and savoury taste, is a staple in many Indian households. The healthier diet gathiya is prepared with less oil and often baked to ensure you get the same deliciousness without the extra calories. This makes it a perfect snack for those watching their waistline.


    Moong Dal Namkeen:

    Moong dal namkeen is a protein-packed snack that is both tasty and nutritious. The diet variants typically involve roasting rather than frying them so making these healthy options among others available at online stores are an ideal way of quickly replenishing proteins without adding too many calories to your system. Online stores offer a variety of moong dal namkeens that fit perfectly into a diet-conscious lifestyle.


    Diet Mixture Namkeen:

    Diet mixture namkeen is an excellent option for those who enjoy a medley of flavours and ingredients in one snack. Such mixtures often consist of nuts roasted with puffed rice, and seeds which provide a crispy texture and wholesome feeling minus the unhealthy fats usually associated with them. This type of namkeen is perfect for those looking for a filling yet healthy snack and can be easily found through online marketplaces.


    Buying Diet Namkeen Online: 

    The convenience of buying diet namkeen online cannot be overstated. With just a few clicks, you can explore a vast range of healthy namkeen snacks and have them delivered to your doorstep. Many reputable brands and specialty stores offer a wide selection of diet namkeen, ensuring you never run out of options. Look for keywords like ‘diet namkeen online’ to find the best deals and varieties.



    Not losing favourite treats with healthy eating. There are numerous diet namkeens that are available from all over India to satisfy your taste buds while keeping fit. From mix namkeen to moong dal namkeen, these healthier alternatives are perfect for guilt-free indulgence.

    To enjoy the finest quality and variety of Indian sweets, traditional sweets, namkeen snacks, and last but not least, diet namkeen, simply visit Ghasitaram Gifts.

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